About us

LEOV COMPANY is a privately owned company from Veles, Macedonia, founded in 1984 with production of electrical appliances as its basic activity. Started as a family business, but today Leov Company has developed into one of the leading companies on the market.

LEOV COMPANY organizes their production on 2 locations, in Veles and Prilep.

The wide range of Leov Company products to consist of various household as:

  • - Electric water heaters (boilers) in several models, with the possibility of vertical or horizontal mounting
  • - Solar water heaters (solar water boilers) that can be mounted and perform their function for external and internal use.
  • - Solar collectors for water heating, flat and vacuum collectors.
  • - Gas appliances
  • - Hot water boilers
  • - Stoves and wood fireplaces
  • - Stoves and fireplaces pellet
  • - quartz heaters
  • - Components for all products.
  • - Services

a) galvanization

b) heat treatment of metals

LEOV COMPANY is an export oriented company that over the years, successfully developed sales of its products to markets in Austria, Italy, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Albania, Turkey, Malta, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Georgia, Saudi Arabia. Today the company is one of the largest manufacturers of electric water heaters (boilers) in the Balkans. All appliances made by Leov Company are in accordance with the requirements of the Quality standard ISO 9001: 2008, quality standards in accordance with the CE Norms, and also the electrical water heaters are in accordance with the CB norms. The solar collectors are in accordance with the Solar Keymark Standard.

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